State Library Policies


The Library provides free access to its collection. All materials in the Library's collection, including its government documents collection, are accessible for public use in the Library.

Most of the books in the Library's collection have one of three colors of cards. The color of the card defines its circulation. Any book with a white card can be checked out for two weeks. Books with an orange card can be checked out three days. The final category is books with green cards. These books are reference and primary source materials and cannot be checked out except by persons who work in the Gartin Justice Building.


The Library provides reference assistance to its patrons. The Library staff does not provide legal assistance. The staff does not conduct legal research nor does the staff interpret the text of a law or legal opinion. The staff will guide patrons in the use of legal materials in the Library and will show patrons the location of court rules and treatises that describe or explain legal procedure. The staff will assist patrons in understanding the organization of the Library and how to use the books in the library's collection. The Library has many different form books, but Library staff cannot recommend which forms patrons may need for a particular purpose. The staff will answer reference questions received by telephone, but Library staff will not read the text of a law or legal opinion over the phone. Patrons are encouraged to come to the Library to read statutes and legal opinions.


The Library's fee schedule, approved February 25, 2000, is as follows:
Photocopies: 15¢ per page
Photocopies by staff: 30¢ per page
Microform copies: 15¢ per page
Microform copies by staff: 30¢ per page
Minimum charge for photocopies by staff: $2.50
Faxing photocopies: 50¢ per page
Faxing microform copies: 50¢ per page
Minimum fax charge: $4
Overdue book fines: 25¢ per day
Lost book charge: Actual cost plus $20