Court Holidays

January 1st day New Year's Day
  3rd Monday Robert E. Lee's and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthdays
February 3rd Monday George Washington's birthday
April last Monday Confederate Memorial Day
May last Monday National Memorial Day and Jefferson Davis's birthday
July 4th day Independence Day
September 1st Monday Labor Day
November 11th day Armistice or Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
December 25th day** Christmas Day

* The date of Thanksgiving is fixed by proclamation by the Governor and shall be fixed to correspond to the date proclaimed by the President of the United States. The Governor, at his discretion, designates any additional day(s) for further observance of the Thanksgiving Season by the same proclamation.

** In addition to Christmas Day, any day(s) designated, at the Governor's discretion, for the observance of the Christmas Season are fixed by proclamation by the Governor.