The Clerk's Office is the repository of any and all filings brought before the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. It is the responsibility of the Clerk's Office to document each stage of a case from the notice of appeal through the issuance of the mandate. The Tracking System encompasses the filing of the notice of appeal through the filing of the record. The computerization of the Clerk's Office permits the tracking of all documents filed and through its reports prevents data and filings from becoming lost in the system. It allows the presentation to the Court of a thorough overview of all cases filed with specific documentation of assignments and location. The system increases the efficiency of the operation of the Clerk's Office and permits an in-depth view of future possibilities to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of operation of both the Clerk's Office and the Court it serves.

As a service agency of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, the Clerk's Office is charged with the dissemination of opinions and decisions, including any rule changes. The Supreme Court releases decisions through the Clerk's Office on each Thursday. The Court of Appeals releases decisions through the Clerk's Office every Tuesday. The Clerk serves each party with each order or judgment entered by the Court. The Clerk charges fees set by statute.

All papers required or permitted to be filed must be filed with the Clerk before any action is taken on them. Filing with the Clerk must take place within the time fixed for filing, with the exception of briefs and record excerpts, which are deemed filed on the day of mailing if accompanied by the appropriate certificate of filing. See M.R.A.P. 25(a).

Should you have any questions or problems, please contact the Clerks office at 601-359-3694.